Tim Hutton: Reflections on yurt living

How can yurts help connect us to the Earth, and why do they make such appealing living spaces? Tim Hutton describes his journey of discovery After years of living a city life, and feeling the effects of a lost connection with my rural roots, I went back to live in the country to work with trees. There was no big plan. One of the more romantic ideas was to plant a musical woodland – maple and rosewood for guitars, spruce for violins, and so on. It was a short-lived idea dreamed up in a Spanish … [More...]

Perspectives on Pregnancy: Josie and Mark Maitland share their experiences

Me? A Woman? Josie Maitland on how pregnancy has transformed her into the woman she never thought she’d be. It was New Years Eve – a time for reflection on the most amazing of years. We’d only recently married and moved into a new house. As we sat by the fire talking about things we wanted to leave behind in the old decade and embrace in the new, the discussion turned to having a baby. This was a topic that had preoccupied us for much of the Christmas period – both of us oscillating almost … [More...]

Tamsin Kilner O’Byrne recalls the challenges of restoring a cob cottage in an economical and sustainable way

Our life with cob started when we began searching for that rare property – a detached house with no near neighbours, sufficiently small and neglected to make it affordable! We were lucky enough to find a tiny thatched cottage, wonderfully picturesque with child’s-drawing symmetry; if you can ignore the chaos wrought by three years of substantial building work, it looks like something that might decorate a chocolate box. The original house has a footprint of 4 metres x 8 metres, with, until … [More...]

Bed-sharing: Sarah Ockwell-Smith discusses myths and practicalities

Once you strip back the layers of misinformation and ignorance surrounding the safety of bed-sharing you are left with the real scientific evidence, so nicely summed up by Charlotte in her article, which tells us that if you follow a few simple guidelines bed-sharing can be safe. The problems don’t end there though: once you’ve moved past the “It’s dangerous” myth you’re hit with several more, including “It kills relationships,” “You’ll never get the baby out of your bed” and “Most mothers do … [More...]

Bed-sharing: Charlotte Russell looks at the risks, the reality, and the right to informed choice

Babies’ sleep location and some baby-care practices have long been associated with risk of harm – including unexpected death. In 1991 the ‘back to sleep’ campaign saw parents advised to place their babies to sleep on their backs, rather than on their tummies. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) rates in the UK fell from 1,500 to 600 per year (and have since fallen further to 300 per year), and policymakers and those advising parents on baby care looked for other practices that could be changed … [More...]

The community path to resilience: parenting in a world in crisis

Katy Mamen shares her experiences of community living It’s almost dinnertime. My 3-year-old daughter, Sabine, and I are in the North Garden, gathering vegetables for our meal after a meandering walk along the pond, through the “magic rocks” and down to the “whale’s tail” meadow, both named after some feature of the landscape by those who came before us on this land. As we harvest chard, Sabine puts on a birthday celebration for one of her stuffed animals, Big Bear, and the stalks of chard … [More...]

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