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Wild Rose Cream Bath

New from Weleda – Wild Rose Cream Bath

If you enjoy a fragrant bath in the deep of winter, this might be of interest to you. It’s a thick … [Read More...]


Lindsay Rook reviews the new Toca Nature app

Toca Nature is the latest release from Toca Boca, who make game apps specifically designed for … [Read More...]

Cover 38

Out now, the Winter issue of JUNO

Featuring interviews with Judith Kerr and Belinda Harris-Reid of the Campaign for Wool, and articles … [Read More...]

The Lost Carnival

The Lost Carnival

Families of the North, prepare yourselves… Over a century after the mysterious Lost Carnival was … [Read More...]


Saffia Farr reviews Frugi clothes

Frugi make fantastic organic cotton clothing for children up to 10 years old. They also have some … [Read More...]

Crocodile under the Bed-2

Winter Exhibition at Illustration Cupboard Gallery

20 NOVEMBER 2014 until 31 JANUARY 2015 This exhibition is the peak of the year for Illustration … [Read More...]

Juno Online


Saffia Farr reviews Craft Projects for Minecraft and Pixel Art Fans

Like many families, we struggle with the balance of using technology without it taking over our lives. I have two boys, aged 11 and 8, who enjoy playing Minecraft. They also love being creative, so this book was a huge hit with them. There are 15 … [Read More...]

Festive reading

Liz Walker encourages us to enjoy some festive reading

Christmas at Reading Chest (the children’s book rental service), seems to be a relatively quiet time of year, with a tendency for our members to swap their reading books less frequently. On one hand, this would seem obvious, as Christmas is such a … [Read More...]

Puressentiel Muscle Roller

Saffia Farr discovers an effective natural remedy for a sore back

I am delighted to have discovered Puressentiel’s Muscles and Joints Roller. Annoyingly I, like many parents, suffer from back pain. My pain is nothing serious, but some days it niggles and I know I move more freely if I can alleviate the … [Read More...]

Boys around campfire

Wildwise – Paula Cleary explains how her family benefited from the Wild Ones Camp

As a home-educating mum with a young baby, my days are very full. Most of the time they are happy-full, but occasionally, like any mother, I feel a sense of burnout, a feeling of needing a break. Having the children around me all the time can feel … [Read More...]