Victoria Ward shares five things you may not know about babywearing

Many parents have tried babywearing (carrying a baby, toddler or child in a sling or baby carrier). A sling or carrier is often an essential item for new parents, and more and more expectant couples have discussed babywearing in antenatal classes, are recommended to try a sling by their health visitor or breastfeeding counsellor, and have popped along to a sling meet or sling library or seen one of the growing number of babywearing consultants across the UK. Babywearing can be great for parents, … [More...]

Revolutionary Clothing – Zion Lights reviews a Climbing Trees T-shirt

Can the clothes our children wear be classed as a revolutionary act? I didn't think so, until this T-shirt came along. My daughters are into many things including space, dinosaurs, fossils, and pirates, but what we've found is that library books about pirates are almost always about boys, sometimes with a few cursory background female pirates, and one book that we did find that centred around a female pirate crew referred to them as 'girl pirates' throughout the book. Now, it's true that … [More...]

One Earth, One Humanity, One Future Festival

Thursday 22 September – Sunday 25 September Leading global aid and development agency Oxfam is teaming up with the UK’s longest standing environmental magazine Resurgence (Resurgence & Ecologist since 2012) to stage a festival in Oxford next week, assembling  key figures from the social justice and green movements  to take a stand for a fairer, united and sustainable world. Entitled ‘One Earth, One Humanity, One Future’, the festival – which celebrates Resurgence’s 50 years at the … [More...]

The Wanderer: Zoë Foster believes she gains much by moving from place to place

I was not born a wanderer. In fact the first time I moved house I was 14 years old, and it was a pretty traumatic event for me: everything I had known up to that point was turned upside down, emptied out of its box and placed down in a jumble on the other side of the country. Of course it was exciting as well – brought up as I was on adventure books, I tried to see it as such. But when you’re 14, changes can take some adjusting to, and suddenly I had to make new friends and come to grips with … [More...]

Life Changing: Claire shares her story of how discovering menstrual cups has had a positive impact on her life

I carry haemophilia and this affects my menstrual bleeding. Discovering menstrual cups has made my bleeding time much less uncomfortable and inconvenient. Haemophilia is carried by women and has a 50% chance of being passed on to males (from mother to son). I have one son who is a haemophiliac. Haemophilia affects the ability of the blood to clot, causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even a slight injury. The condition is typically caused by hereditary lack of a coagulation factor, … [More...]

Environmentally aware parenting: Compost for the Planet

Let’s talk about composting. First of all, what is it? Composting is the active breakdown of foods and other materials through an organic, natural process that creates a valuable resource, which you can demonstrate to your children (and others) at home by getting two identical plants and potting one into garden soil and the other into garden soil mixed with compost. You’ll find that the plant in the compost mixture will grow visibly larger than the purely soil-based one. Composting is … [More...]

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