Kat Payne Ware reviews Unibox

I received my Unibox in the last week of the spring term. It was fun to get something in the post, especially at the time of year when students are just hanging on until the Easter break. The box was packed up beautifully and included a cute handwritten note which made it more personal. There were 8 items inside. The Help Me Organics sleep spray was my favourite, and has been great for my insomnia, excellently counterbalanced by the reviving Sebamed grapefruit shower gel; only a little … [More...]

Freedom to Learn screening in Bristol

Kate Jangra's new film 'Freedom to Learn' explores the current education system and looks at some of the ways children might benefit from a different approach to their learning than that being offered right now. This film follows Kate's award winning 2012 film 'Babyhood'. You can watch the trailer at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/freedomtolearn Join the Friends of Steiner Academy Bristol at St. Matthias, Bristol on Thursday 27 April 2017 to watch the film. Followed by a Q&A with Kate … [More...]

Dude Making a Difference: Zion Lights interviews Rob Greenfield

If you haven’t come across Rob Greenfield, you’re in for a treat. I first heard of him through my publisher, who wanted me to make a series of videos based on excerpts from my book. Look up Rob Greenfield for some inspiration, they told me, so, somewhat apprehensively, I did. They weren’t wrong. This man exudes inspiration like the rest of us release carbon dioxide. From ‘Drunk Dude’ to innovative, altruistic eco-activist, Rob Greenfield has dedicated his life to being better and making the … [More...]

Son of a homeopath: Mani Norland explains why he believes in homeopathy

I grew up with homeopathy all around me. I have not been vaccinated. I have had measles – I was sent to a measles party! – mumps and chicken pox, and all were treated homeopathically. I suffered from eczema when I was young. It too was treated with homeopathy and it has never come back. I can count the times I have been to the doctor on one hand. I am rarely sick. Over the years, I have seen thousands of happy patients come and go from my father’s practice. When I studied homeopathy, the … [More...]

OUT NOW! The Spring issue of JUNO – find out what’s inside

In the Spring issue of JUNO, Zion Lights talks to ‘No Impact Man’ Colin Beavan; Nikole Verde shares her approach to unschooling maths; Sue Willis reflects on the expectations of women and Benaifer Bhandari encourages us to mother ourselves with her homeopathy column. If you would like to better understand sibling relationships, Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s article gives insight into family dynamics. Feel inspired with reviews of some much-loved family festivals in the UK, seasonal ideas for things … [More...]

Kate Langley shares with us her experience of a day-case operation to fix incontinence

The wait is over, you’ve given birth, and as you gaze adoringly at your baby sleeping in her cot while you cope on minimum sleep, the last thing on your mind is wetting yourself. But for one in three women the pressure put on pelvic floor muscles by pregnancy and childbirth can be a recipe for ‘oops’ moments when they sneeze, laugh, or jump on the trampoline with the children. As weeks, months and years pass, many women manage to restore their pelvic floor, but for a third of mums the problem … [More...]

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