Ecocide: the fifth crime against peace

Saffia Farr talks to lawyer Polly Higgins, who asks us all to “pollinate” and leave a positive legacy for our children Polly Higgins’ proposed definition for ecocide: the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been or will be severely diminished. I first read about Polly Higgins in Resurgence and Permaculture. I was inspired … [More...]

A Creative Approach to Story Making – Jo Baxter reviews STORY

I have a nine-year-old girl who from a very early age has loved stories, books and writing. I also have a 5-year-old boy who loves the outdoors and as we approach the halfway point of reception year at school, he has leant a significant amount of letter sounds that he's starting to read and so stories are becoming more interesting to him to. I firstly gave the bag to my daughter and we took great delight in taking out the contents of the story.  There is a map which is a whole world of all … [More...]

Lino Cuts: Caz Greenwood enthuses about printmaking

To rekindle my flame for printmaking when I opened my studio a year and a half ago, I bought some lino – it offered me the chance to print without a press and obtain immediate results. My initial images included a band logo and greetings cards, and then an exciting project for the Nicholson Museum in Sydney, where I collaborated with the museum’s inspirational curator to produce a series of images based on ancient artefacts from Greece and Egypt. With each image, I felt that I connected with the … [More...]

Love Bombing: Oliver James explains what it is and how it works

Perhaps your child is a bit troubled in just one respect, like a little shy or sometimes over-demanding. Maybe she has much more numerous and serious problems, like severe temper tantrums at the age of 10, or being paralysed by groundless fears. Either way, Love Bombing can help. The child’s problem is almost never the fault of parents, who are only doing their best. Because of one misfortune or another, or a chain of them, the child’s basic brain chemistry is in need of adjustment, usually … [More...]

What Really Creates Secure Attachment? Laura Markham sets the record straight

I’m an attachment theorist, but at times I find myself dismayed by the way our misunderstandings about attachment so often make parents feel inadequate. I’d like to set the record straight about what really creates secure attachment. Attachment theory was developed by John Bowlby when he observed children’s reactions to being separated from their parents during World War II in England. Attachment theory is now supported by an impressive body of academic theory and research, but the basic idea … [More...]

Wild Women: Zion Lights meets Jay Griffiths

The first things I notice about author Jay Griffiths are her gentle spirit and analytic mind, mostly because they seem like contradictory traits, but in Jay they are refreshingly complementary. There’s also a saying about how some people become authors, while others are born them, and I think that Jay falls quite clearly into the latter category. Like many of the world’s most passionate writers, she learned to read at a very young age, and remembers that she “found words fascinating, from puns … [More...]

Competition Rules

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