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Supporting Breastfeeding: from herbalist Fiona Heckels

The first time I struggled with breastfeeding came as a shock to me. Why should something that has been so fundamental to our survival be so difficult in so many cases? Breastfeeding is for some the … [More...]

Mark Harris is a midwife of 20 years who now works to support fathers. Saffia Farr talks to him about his unique approach

What called you to midwifery? I trained as a nurse because I was drawn to the physical side of care, but I was being guided away towards management. My mate Dave Smith, already a midwife, said to me: … [More...]

Supporting Breastfeeding: from homeopath Benaifer Bhandari

Homeopathy works on the ancient principle of the law of similars – ‘like curing like’. Nowhere is this more important than with breastfeeding. It is easy to reach for the doctor, midwife or homeopath … [More...]

Language and the breastfeeding debate: Jane Woodley suggests we watch our words

The language we currently use to talk about breastfeeding is entrenched, with guilt, grief and resentment lurking beneath the surface like jagged, hull- tearing rocks. These raw emotions make it … [More...]

Breastfeeding: The most natural thing in the world

Amazing and wonderful! But, as I have found with most of the amazing and wonderful things I have enjoyed in my life, there are obstacles. It is the overcoming of these ‘natural’ obstacles that for me … [More...]

My teen: Talking about porn

  I was very happy to come across an organisation called Fight the New Drug. It has a cool and hip following of young adults, all advocating an important message. What is this new drug they … [More...]

Journey into Womanhood – Mother and Daughter Camp

26-29 August 2016 This is an opportunity for mothers and daughters (age 8 upwards) to spend a weekend together in Pembrokeshire, sitting in circle, sharing stories and cooking around the fire, … [More...]

Fantastic Sun Cream! Saffia Farr reviews Organii Everyday Organics

I’m not a fan of sun cream: it can be thick and sticky and make you feel even more hot and bothered on a sunny day! However, I know it’s important for us all to protect our skin from too much exposure … [More...]