Let’s shift the focus of what we talk about when planning for birth, suggests Milli Hill 

Have you ever run a marathon? If so, when you declared to your friends that you were going to undertake this feat of human endurance, you were probably met with nothing but positivity and encouragement. “You can do it!” “We’ll be cheering for you!” and “We think you’re incredible!” might be just a few of the affirmations that came your way. But if you’re about to have a baby, arguably a similarly tough yet highly admirable act, the words you hear will usually be filled with fear and warning, … [More...]

Menstrual Cup Reviews

The cups featured have been reviewed by a team of women and we have amalgamated the comments. Our aim in this is to focus on each cup rather than what suited individual reviewers, acknowledging that each woman’s body is unique, so what suits one may not suit another. Our team were menstruating women of all ages; some have given birth, and others have not. One woman was new to cups; another had used one brand regularly. One woman is keen on menstrual sponges; another favours washable pads. One … [More...]

Menstrual Cups: Tamsin Hopkins explains what they are and how you use them

What is a menstrual cup? A menstrual cup is a device worn internally that sits underneath the cervix and collects menstrual fluid. It’s typically made from medical grade silicone, although a few are made from natural rubber and/or TPE. Once the cup is full, you remove it, pour the contents down the toilet, and then rinse and reinsert it. At the end of your period, you clean and sanitise it ready for the next time. So really it’s no different from using tampons, except you don’t throw it … [More...]

Remembering Louise Hay

We were sad to hear about the passing of Louise Hay. To celebrate her life and all she achieved, we'd like to share this interview with Jo Lal who shares insight into Louise's work. First published in Issue 21 (Summer 2010) of JUNO: Buy Issue 21 (paper version) from £3.95 Buy Issue 21 in digital format and access all digital back issues Subscribe to JUNO (paper version with free digital access to all back issues) – from £14.50 Buy a yearly digital subscription to … [More...]

Boys and dolls: Laura Whalen explains why it was important for her to find the right dolls for her sons

I made my first Waldorf doll four years ago. Christmas was approaching and I wanted to give my son a doll. However, finding a suitable one turned out to be difficult, with the mainstream market offering either baby dolls or action figures. The baby dolls, made of plastic (and some of them frighteningly ugly), are aggressively marketed towards girls. They are found in the ‘pink’ section of toyshops, a place no boy dare enter, and their accessories are mainly pink and floral. Not at all the … [More...]

Caroline Cole shares the healing she found from forest schools

inhale the smell of pine trees and damp earth deeply as I walk through the woods with my classmates, my heart beating wildly in anticipation as I hear the soft rustling of the leaves in the trees whilst the birds sing above. I grip hold of the rope tightly in my hands as I surrender to the environment, my sense of smell, hearing and touch heightened as my sense of sight is taken away. Blindfolded, I am led to a tree, which in greeting I hug tenderly. The tree responds, its energy and personal … [More...]

Competition Rules

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