Contraception: Are there natural ways that work?

Rachael Hertogs searches for alternative methods I feel let down by medical contraception. Doctors ‘sell’ it to you as a simple and convenient way to enjoy sex without getting pregnant, but that hasn’t been my experience. When I asked about natural contraception my doctor told me that the dose of hormones in the pill would “just put [my] body into its ‘natural’ state [i.e. being infertile] just like when [I’m] pregnant or breastfeeding”. But I don’t feel comfortable with this. I have concerns … [More...]

Motherly Love Knows No Boundaries

Jan Bastard, founder of Motherlylove, describes how her time working in Africa inspired her After qualifying as a midwife in 1969 – I was already a registered nurse – I applied for a nursing sister job for the Anglo American copper mining company in Zambia. The hospital they sent me to was on the Zambia/Congo border. I was 23 years old. To reach my far-off destination I first flew from London to Nairobi. From there I travelled to Lusaka and then after a very bumpy flight (barely skimming the … [More...]

OUT NOW! Autumn Extra – Babywearing Special – find out what’s inside

The Babywearing Extra celebrates all aspects of carrying through advice about types of sling from Victoria Ward (School of Babywearing) and why carrying matters by Rosie Knowles, to beautiful articles showing how wraps are made. Families share why they love babywearing and Renee Jeffery of Close Enough to Kiss Magazine explains why safety matters through the T.I.C.K.S guidelines. We learn how kangaroo care can help premature babies and follow a day in the life of a babywearing family. See images … [More...]

Embarrassed by Hollie McNish

I thought it was ok I could understand the reasons “There might be young children or a nervous man seeing” this small piece of flesh that they weren’t quite expecting so I whispered and tiptoed with nervous discretion. But after 6 months of her life sat sitting on lids As she sips on her milk and I try not to sniff as I Shift to move her head away from toilet roll dispensers I wonder whether these public loo feeds offend her. Cos now I’m getting tired of discretion and being polite … [More...]

Melissa Dunlop says goodbye to the baby years and discovers her new self

One morning I awoke and found myself dressed in rags. I studied my body carefully but didn’t recognise myself in it – I just didn’t seem to be me. I was filled with a sense of horror, a mild panic rising. All around me were other women who looked much the same way. They seemed to share an absent quality I felt I too possessed, somehow disconnected from themselves, elsewhere. Were we ghosts? They spoke a mixture of half-sentences and singsong nonsense. Everything seemed drifty and dreamlike on … [More...]

Stu McLellan loves the beauty, simplicity and transience of outdoor mandalas

Part of what I do is making pictures – drawings for publication, for gifts – and I facilitate creative projects with schools and community groups. All this work I love, but I sometimes find that the amount of stuff I carry with me and the attendant processing that’s required to make acrylic paints and inks and paper leave me longing for something simpler, more  primal. Last year, I was introduced to a Facebook group of people across the world making mandalas, and it lit me up. Mandala … [More...]


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