Raising a Vegan Family: Bringing up a vegan child doesn’t need to be difficult

Deciding to bring our daughter up vegan from birth was never difficult for us. The first thing we did was to get some valuable advice from Amanda Baker at The Vegan Society. She gave us lots of information and suggested that we do some nutritional research and buy key books on the subject. When I became pregnant, I realised that everything I put into my body would have a long-term effect on my unborn child. So I avoided salt, fat and sugar and opted for an organic vegan diet, ensuring that this … [More...]

You are when you eat

There may be several reasons why young children have tantrums. The crayon is the wrong shade of red, the story ended too soon, the sock won’t go on. But one of the most important, yet probably most often ignored, reasons is low blood sugar – the child needs to be fed, and NOW. He or she eats something, and suddenly the red is just fine, the story or sock forgotten. It’s not just children who have tantrums when their blood sugar has dropped too low, of course – we adults can be … [More...]

Debi Gliori shares how running helps her cope with depression

I hate running. Can I just get that out of the way? Lest you think I’m some kind of athlete or fitness addict, I’d like to debunk that myth. Yes, I do haul myself out of bed three mornings a week at 5.30 and go running on a treadmill at a nearby gym, but trust me, the alternative to all this hideous cardiovascular effort is far, far worse. I hate running for the first ten minutes. Those ten minutes are the ones where my unquiet, wayward mind reminds me how unfit I am, how I’ll never improve, … [More...]

Holly Mash outlines her approach to helping children and dogs get along

I’ve had a new perspective on dogs since having my son, now an energetic 2½-year-old. With a small person at dog height, I am concerned about owners keeping their dogs under control. I’m also conscious of the importance of teaching my son how to get along safely with dogs. In the UK nearly 2,000 children a year need hospital treatment after being bitten by a dog. Children under 10 are twice as likely to be bitten as older children and adults. Shockingly, around two-thirds of these bites are … [More...]

Five things I learned editing Issue 51

I always enjoy the different things I learn through editing JUNO. Each issue brings connection with so many talented and generous people and exposure to new books and ideas. Here I’d like to share with you what I learned from preparing the latest issue, published 1 October. 1. Families involved with fostering and adoption are amazing! Thousands of families across the UK take in children and young people whose birth families are sadly unable to give them a stable home. These ‘strangers’ care … [More...]

OUT NOW! The Autumn issue of JUNO – find out what’s inside

In the Autumn issue of JUNO, Steve Biddulph explains why girls need feminism and how we should not see it as a negative thing; Nikole Verde describes how unschooling history works in their family and Riga Forbes talks about mindfulness in childbirth. We learn about hypnobirthing from Christine Huntingford who shares how it helped her overcome difficult circumstances. Sarah Ockwell-Smith explores the topic of schools and discipline and Fiona Carnie looks at different approaches to … [More...]

Competition Rules

Entering a competition through the print magazine or via this website will be seen as acceptance of these rules. 1. Only one entry per household is permitted. Juno Publishing reserves the right to disqualify all entries from one household if multiple entries are made. 2. JUNO Publishing accepts no responsibility for entries that are lost, […]