Saffia Farr reviews i-Spy Books

i_Spy_BooksDuring the Summer holidays, many of us visit friends and family or go on holiday, or just have more time to potter around at home. This is therefore a great time of year to try out the new-look i-spy books. In our family, adults and children have been enjoying the excitement of spotting things and ticking them off.

There is a large range of book to suit where you are such as On a Car Journey or In the Countryside and at only £2.99 each they are not prohibitively expensive.

My 8-year-old daughter has certainly had hours of fun with them. She took them when she visited her Uncle and Aunt for the weekend and they all enjoyed spotting around London – a traditional double decker bus caused particular excitement. She thinks the books are “brilliant for journeys as spotting things gives you lots to do”.

She likes that you get points and there is a website where you can go and record your score.

What I like about the In the Countryside book is that it’s a great way to learn more about what’s around you. One section is divided into “senses” and my husband and I were very excited to hear a woodpecker and then spot him drumming into wood – a top spot of 35 points!

What works is that some spots are really easy, and some are more difficult so there is enough to keep children interested but also to motivate you to keep looking. The Countryside book is also divided into seasons so you could dip in and out of this all year. When you have 1000 points you can register this on the Collins website and apply for a certificate.

With titles such as Dogs, Car Badges, Football Grounds, At the Airport, Trees, Birds and On the Motorway, there is a huge range of things to spot for a huge range of family interests. If you get spotting, let us know what you find!