Feel the Force in Po-Zu sneakers; Saffia Farr reviews

For Star Wars fans, excitement is building with The Last Jedi being released on Thursday 14 December 2017 and the world premier having taken place on Saturday.

If you love Star Wars, why not treat yourself to a branded pair of shoes, the bonus being that they are made by ethical shoe company Po-Zu?

I have been fascinated by the Po-Zu Star Wars connection since I spotted that Rey appeared to be wearing Po-Zu boots in The Force Awakens. Shortly afterwards a tie-in was announced and since then, Po-Zu have been releasing a fantastic range of Star Wars inspired boots.

Already being a fan of the original Rey boots (my “Rey” boots are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn; like wearing stylish slippers all day!) I decided to try the Resistance sneakers. I like how they are cool, but understated, with the Resistance emblem on the side of the boot and Star Wars Po-Zu branding on the heel and tongue. It’s also important of course that they are comfortable! I have quite wide feet so found them narrow at first, but there is enough lace to widen them out and I am experimenting with wearing them not quite laced to the top, which I’m liking! Being organic cotton, they are also breathable and like all Po-Zu shoes, are shaping around my feet as I wear them.

I love that these boots are ethically made – so many branded items are made for the fad and are intended to be thrown away, but these are a quality item that will stay with me long after The Last Jedi has left the cinemas. They are vegan and available in a range of colours and I like the detail – ie, the laces are not bleached white but a natural cream colour.

If you are a Star Wars fan, everything about these boots is cool; I spent ages admiring the box before I even tried the shoes!! If these sneakers aren’t for you but you love the idea of the tie-in, there is a full range on the Po-Zu website, for men, women and children, including high boots and even fluffy Chewie boots (also vegan)!!

I know Star Wars is not for everyone, but even if you are fed up with the film already, I would urge you to look at Po-Zu’s full range. I have been wearing my Rey boots for over two years and they are still comfortable and don’t look worn. Po-Zu footwear are investment items, that make a statement – be it a fashion, eco or Star Wars statement, or all three!