OUT NOW! The Autumn issue of JUNO – find out what’s inside

In the Autumn issue of JUNO, Steve Biddulph explains why girls need feminism and how we should not see it as a negative thing; Nikole Verde describes how unschooling history works in their family and Riga Forbes talks about mindfulness in childbirth. We learn about hypnobirthing from Christine Huntingford who shares how it helped her overcome difficult circumstances. Sarah Ockwell-Smith explores the topic of schools and discipline and Fiona Carnie looks at different approaches to education.

Also in this issue: find out about the UK’s first Zero Waste Shop and read inspirational accounts of families fostering children (from Martin Barrow) and adopting a teenager (from author Benjamin Ludwig); Kirsty Hopley shares her latest seasonal diary of home education; Eleanor Copp tells us about breathing at birth and Lou Harvey-Zahra talks about teens and boundaries.

To help us reflect on our health, Sally Beare talks about the uses of coconut oil and Zion Lights talks to Dawn Huebner about her new anxiety book, ‘Outsmarting Worry’. The Seed SistAs share ideas for supporting women’s rites of passage in their Sensory Herbalism column, and Benaifer Bhandari talks about homeopathy for birth.

Feel inspired with ideas for things to make with salvaged wood projects and seasonal recipes. We review of a variety of diaries and calendars for 2018, and showcase a range of ‘search and find’ books along with our Editor’s selection of books for adults and children.

Lots to inspire in the Autumn issue of JUNO.


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