OUT NOW! The Early Spring issue of JUNO – find out what’s inside

In the Early Spring issue of JUNO, Rosie Newman explains how she learned to trust her instincts; Lou Harvey-Zahra helps us understand temperaments; Jane Hardwicke Collings reflects on the importance of positivity around menarche; and Sarah Ockwell-Smith gives some guidance about potty-training.

Libby Clapham and Mani Norland share homeopathic remedies to support women through pregnancy; Keely Khoury explains how she and her partner have compromised on their son’s use of weaponry in play; Sophie Christophy answers your questions about consent based parenting and Rosie Knowles explains why how we discuss babywearing with other parents is important.

Also in this issue: birth in pictures from Jo Robertson; Jo Haycock introduces her new natural connections column; we share photos from our Instagram community; and Eleanor Copp reflects on the impacts of scanning.

To help us focus on our health, Sally Beare talks about dirt, soil and organic farming; The Seed SistAs share ideas for supporting women’s rites of passage in their Sensory Herbalism column; and Benaifer Bhandari talks about supporting children through changes and new situations.

Feel inspired with eco-friendly home cleaning products to make and some herbal tonics to try. We feature a range of natural home and body care products, and share the Editor’s selection of books for adults and children.

Lots to inspire in the Early Spring issue of JUNO.


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