Natural Network

If you love Juno, we’d love you to join us and spread the word about what a great magazine it is. Being part of the Network is also a way for you to earn money.

The following points set out what is involved and form our terms and conditions for the Network.

  1. The Natural Network is a group of people (Networkers) who are keen to promote and sell Juno magazine.
  2. Networkers are asked to sign a simple agreement between them and Juno Publishing Ltd.
  3. Networkers buy copies of Juno magazine at an agreed price. They can then sell them on to individuals at a profit.
  4. Networkers will receive commission on any subscription taken as a result of their promotion. On-going renewals will not be included in this.
  5. Networkers are encouraged to approach appropriate retailers to suggest they stock Juno magazine. Sales will be made directly to those retailers from Juno Publishing Ltd. The Networker will receive an introduction fee and commission on all ongoing sales to any retailers they introduce.
  6. Networkers are encouraged to attend fairs and shows to promote Juno. Costs of this will be shared with Juno Publishing Ltd, but only by prior agreement.
  7. Promotional materials such as cloth bags, pencils, posters, subscription fliers, postcards, gifts, prizes and back issues will be available to Networkers where appropriate.
  8. Networkers must inform Juno Publishing Ltd how many copies they require of each issue by a specified date.
  9. Networkers must agree not to do anything to bring the Juno brand into disrepute.
  10. Networkers must not actively do anything to conflict with an existing supply relationship for Juno Publishing Ltd or any other Networker.
  11. Networkers must have an enthusiasm for Juno as well as a good working knowledge of the magazine and its ethos. They must be able to respond to the Frequently Answered Questions, details of which will be provided in a Start Up Pack.

Should you be interested in becoming a Natural Networker, please contact Matthew Bullock  at