Natural Network

Calling all doulas, midwives, therapists, yoga teachers, forest school leaders…

Would you like to be an ambassador for JUNO?

If you love JUNO, and have a network of clients who might also enjoy the magazine, we’d love you to help us spread the word as part of our Natural Network scheme!

As a Natural Networker, you will receive a free ongoing subscription to JUNO, enabling you to show the magazine to your clients and your wider network.

We’ll also issue you with a unique code for you to share – enabling people to claim their own free copy of JUNO to enjoy.

What happens when I sign up?

We will check your details and process your application. If successful, we will register you on to the scheme and send out your Welcome Pack.

The Welcome Pack includes the current issue of JUNO, a branded tote bag, the current subscription gift, and an introduction letter containing your unique code.

What are the benefits for me?

  • A free open-ended subscription to JUNO
  • A free Welcome Pack
  • Prizes! Annual prizes are awarded for the most code referrals in a year, and for any new stockists that quote your code when they sign up to stock JUNO
  • Access to our closed Facebook group where you can share ideas and connections with other Natural Networkers
  • Access to copies of back issues for events by arrangement

Terms and conditions

The following points set out what is involved and form our terms and conditions for the Natural Network.

  1. The Natural Network is a group of people (Networkers) who are keen to promote JUNO Magazine.
  2. Networkers are given a free ongoing subscription to JUNO in return for helping to promote and market the magazine.
  3. Networkers are issued with a unique code which they can give to their clients, which can be used to claim a free copy of JUNO. Referrals made with each code are recorded and a prize is awarded at the end of the year to the Networker with the most referrals.
  4. Referral counts are checked in line with the publication of each issue (6 times a year). Those with no new referrals at a check will be e-mailed and encouraged to share their code and actively promote the magazine. If there are no referrals after two checks, the free subscription will be paused. It can be reactivated with a code referral or by special arrangement.
  5. Networkers are encouraged to approach appropriate retailers to suggest they stock JUNO Magazine via our distributor, INK Distribution. Networkers will be rewarded with a gift if their unique code is quoted when a new stockist signs up.
  6. Networkers are encouraged to promote JUNO at relevant events such as shows, festivals, fairs and conferences. Costs of this will be shared with JUNO Publishing Ltd, but only by prior agreement.
  7. Promotional materials such as back issues, cloth bags, pencils, posters, subscription fliers, postcards, gifts, and prizes are available to Networkers where appropriate.
  8. Networkers agree not to do anything to bring the JUNO brand into disrepute.
  9. Networkers must not actively do anything to conflict with an existing supply relationship for JUNO Publishing Ltd or any other Networker.
  10. Networkers must have an enthusiasm for JUNO as well as a good working knowledge of the magazine and its ethos. They must be able to respond to the Frequently Answered Questions, details of which will be provided in the Welcome Pack.

Should you be interested in becoming a Natural Networker, please register using this form.