From the Editor – Summer

Make One Change?

Putting this issue together has been inspirational, as always! I love the range of people we correspond with in creating JUNO, who give us so much to think about. I really like Sue Willis’ article about Saving Libraries, with Ian Mitchell’s beautiful illustration. Sue asks us to think in a wider sense why libraries might be an important aspect of community life.

I am inspired by the mums suggesting we get out and exercise to help keep us physically and mentally healthy. Debi Gliori shares her very personal story of depression. Her powerful words and Rowan Clark’s feature have motivated me to find the time each very busy week to keep running outside, as it keeps me lifted and more able to cope with everything family and working life invariably throws at me.

I’ve been very impressed by Jess Hazel’s work on reducing our consumption of plastic. This June, the Marine Conservation Society is encouraging us to try giving up single-use plastic. Reading Kirsty Hopley’s article about beach cleans is a reminder of why this is so important. I’m already doing what I can to cut down my use of one-trip packaging by substituting reusable shopping bags, metal water bottles and sandwich wraps, but I feel encouraged by Jess’s example to do more. I know it would be very difficult to give up plastic completely, so my aim is to “make one change” and I’m trying to do all I can to avoid buying plastic-wrapped fruit and vegetables. I’ve found a local greengrocer and have been visiting there with my cotton bags. It’s so satisfying to unpack fruit and veg without filling the bin with plastic.

Maybe you will feel inspired to make a change as well. If you do, please get in touch with us to share your ideas, struggles and successes.

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