Fraudulent Recruitment

It has come to our attention that a fraudster is using our company name (JUNO Publishing Ltd) as part of a scam involving recruitment. As far as we know, this has only affected people in the USA and is local to certain US states including Idaho. It appears job seekers details have been accessed through the Department of Labour website and then our company name, purely by chance, has been used to legitimise the scam.

We are in no way connected with this scam and we are not looking to recruit anyone. The fraudsters are using email addresses which are either gmail or from a domain which is not ours.

If you receive a text message, or email from an address other than from or, or are contacted through Google Hangouts we suggest you ignore this and delete it. We do not contact anyone by text message, only ever use our own domain names to send email and do not use Google Hangouts.

If you receive any message you are unsure about, please do nothing and call us on 01454 838 667 to check if the message is from us.