Five things I learned editing Issue 52

I always enjoy the different things I learn through editing JUNO. Each issue brings connection with so many talented and generous people and exposure to new books and ideas. Here I’d like to share with you what I learned from preparing the latest issue, published 1 December.

1. How much I love pine cones!

If you follow my Instagram feed you’ll know that one of the things I love best is to wander around outside foraging for treasures. Pine cones are a favourite; I find it difficult to walk past a tree without picking some up! At this time of year I enjoy collecting branches with tiny cones on, adding a little gold sparkle and displaying them around our house with some of my favourite decorations hanging from them. So I LOVE Jo Pillinger’s craft feature making “pine cone folk” to use as decorations. I can’t wait to try these!

2. What consent really means.

We are delighted to welcome Sophie Christophy as a JUNO columnist. I met Sophie at the Attachment Parenting UK (APUK) conference, where she was a fascinating and entertaining speaker. The topic was consent-based parenting, and a member of the audience asked the question we have developed into Sophie’s first column. When you really think about what consent is and how it relates to parenting, you might find you start to question things you do every day. What I particularly like about Sophie’s approach is that it takes into account the needs of parents too.

3. Winter cosiness is beautiful.

I love this time of the year: candles, fires, glowing leaves… Our Instagram feature in this issue is about ways we feel hygge – and the pages are gorgeous!

4. How massage can help build relationships.

Kate Pigeon-Owen was another speaker at the APUK conference. I was fascinated to hear how massage had helped with her parenting and connection with her children. In her article, written with Sarah Egerton, she explores how touch is our first language, and how it can help us build relationships.

5. The sadness of saying goodbye.

Over the last year we’ve been following the unschooling life of Kirsty Hopley and her Schoolhouse family. Sadly, this issue features the last instalment from Kirsty as she and her family move on to other projects. I shall miss seeing what they get up to and reading Kirsty’s reflections, but I’m hoping she will pop up now and again in our Instagram feature.


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