Five things I learned editing Issue 51

I always enjoy the different things I learn through editing JUNO. Each issue brings connection with so many talented and generous people and exposure to new books and ideas. Here I’d like to share with you what I learned from preparing the latest issue, published 1 October.

1. Families involved with fostering and adoption are amazing!

Thousands of families across the UK take in children and young people whose birth families are sadly unable to give them a stable home. These ‘strangers’ care for and nurture these children in the hope that they can guide them towards a happy and fulfilling life. The time, love and care they give, in difficult circumstances, are extraordinary. We tell the story of two families in Issue 51 and I hope this helps shine a light on the wonderful work being done.

2. ‘Seek and find’ books are on trend!

While preparing the book review pages, we realised we had a glut of ‘seek and find’ books. They were all so gorgeous and exciting that we decided to create a feature around them. There’s something so appealing about peering at pages looking for little details, and in this selection there’s something for all ages.

3. I’m not alone

Sometimes I read something and it resonates so much. In the Women Wild and Free feature Susanna Ted Waters writes: “There are days when I wish time would stand still. When I could remain in the moment, without feeling I’m on a conveyor belt – the next day or appointment, deadline or email looming in the distance.” I feel guilty for feeling like this, and it helps me to know that someone else experiences it too.

4. I wish I lived near a zero waste shop

Everything about the Zero Waste Shop in Totnes is appealing: the rows of containers, the lack of plastic, the ability to shop without filling your dustbin and landfill. How I would love to shop in this way! Nicola Eckersley tells us what inspired her family to set up this shop, and also shares information to help others to do so.

5. There’s nothing quite like a new diary

I love stationery, so I have really enjoyed working on our diary and calendar review feature. As a busy mum, I know that the right diary can really help things run smoothly, so I’m delighted to have found one that works for me. However, as I prepared this feature I wished I had space in my life for multiple diaries, as there are so many beautiful ones available that inspire as well as help us organise. I hope we can help you find the best diary or calendar for you.


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