Organic School Uniform from EcoOutfitters

Eco_Outfitters_Uniform_webIf you are looking for school uniform ahead of the new term, why not consider online EcoOutfitters?

They have an excellent range of uniform for boys and girls including shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, socks and polo shirts.

We are trialling skirts and a long-sleeved blouse. The cotton in the blouse is thick and you can tell by touch that it’s good quality.

My daughter really likes the skirt with the black bow; she said it is “comfortable”. It has 3% spandex so there is slight stretch. It is thick and feels able to withstand the hard wear school clothes are given. I also like that there are elastic and buttons at the side of the waistband to help adjust the skirt for fit.

The clothes have excellent eco-credentials. They are made in India from Indian organic cotton according to Global Organic Textile Standards. I also like the details such as the internal labels being cotton and the card label being secured with twine and a pin, both of which are reusable.

Organic Cotton Jersey School Skirt currently £15.95.