Environmentally aware parenting: Compost for the Planet

Let’s talk about composting. First of all, what is it? Composting is the active breakdown of foods and other materials through an organic, natural process that creates a valuable resource, which you can demonstrate to your children (and others) at home by getting two identical plants and potting one into garden soil and the other […]

UK Seed Festival – October 2014

National Festival Celebrates the Seeds that Feed Us Our entire lives depend on seed. Almost all of the food we eat starts out as a seed. Despite the central role seed plays in our daily existence, we seldom recognise its importance and that it is coming under increasing threat both here in the UK and […]

Seedballs – my seeds are growing!

Graham Robertson introduces people–plant relationships

One of the most interesting and inspiring books I have ever read was Green Nature/Human Nature by Charles A. Lewis, who was a horticulturist and administrator at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. The book is Lewis’s account of his 30-year journey exploring people–plant relationships. It covers diverse areas from the history of horticultural therapy, […]

Seedballs – a simpler way to grow wild flowers – Saffia Farr reviews

Over the Easter holidays I planted my seedballs. I say “planted”, but actually I just scattered them, as this is all you need to do. Seed balls are marble-sized spheres of earth packed with wildflower seeds, clay and chilli powder. You scatter them on a bare patch of soil (around twenty seed balls for a […]