Love Bombing: Oliver James explains what it is and how it works

Perhaps your child is a bit troubled in just one respect, like a little shy or sometimes over-demanding. Maybe she has much more numerous and serious problems, like severe temper tantrums at the age of 10, or being paralysed by groundless fears. Either way, Love Bombing can help. The child’s problem is almost never the […]

What Really Creates Secure Attachment? Laura Markham sets the record straight

I’m an attachment theorist, but at times I find myself dismayed by the way our misunderstandings about attachment so often make parents feel inadequate. I’d like to set the record straight about what really creates secure attachment. Attachment theory was developed by John Bowlby when he observed children’s reactions to being separated from their parents […]

Henni Tremlett talks with stepdads and their teenage boys in search of wisdom

The night before my wedding I nearly bottled it. We had been a couple for eight years and, after keeping my three older children under our joined wings for most of the time, we also now had a 3-year-old son. Still, things had been so bitter and unpleasant between my partner and the young men […]

Growing the Grown Ups – Nina Farr shares what she loved about the Embercombe Family Camp

The path of parenthood is often a private one. We each do what we can to give our children the best start in life, conquering battles only we know about. Sharing moments of wonder and joy that often go unnoticed by anyone else. Loving and supporting the extraordinary small people we brought into the world […]

Daughter to mother

Aneka Grover reflects on the changes in parenting and family life across the generations of her family I am the first of my family born in the UK. My parents emigrated from India in 1976 in their mid-twenties: my father, Nirmal, a recently graduated doctor, was followed four months later by my mother, Niru, and […]