Caroline Cole shares the healing she found from forest schools

inhale the smell of pine trees and damp earth deeply as I walk through the woods with my classmates, my heart beating wildly in anticipation as I hear the soft rustling of the leaves in the trees whilst the birds sing above. I grip hold of the rope tightly in my hands as I surrender […]

Kat Payne Ware reviews Unibox

I received my Unibox in the last week of the spring term. It was fun to get something in the post, especially at the time of year when students are just hanging on until the Easter break. The box was packed up beautifully and included a cute handwritten note which made it more personal. There were […]

Ross Mountney explores how we find the confidence to home educate

I’ve spent many years writing about home education to raise awareness and champion it as a successful alternative to school. School works very well for some youngsters. But having worked in the system, I’ve also seen others let down by approaches that seem to be more about politics and less about the individual, at times […]

Learning in the natural environment

Caz Greenwood explores how teachers bring Montessori education outdoors Maria Montessori was a firm believer in learning from and in the natural environment. There is a wonderful story about her teaching one of the Great Lessons in India: she asked a student to take the end of a black ribbon and cycle with it as […]

Skeena Rathor believes education will only succeed if it is linked to community and happiness

I have spent seven years looking for the school of my dreams. Over the last ten years there has been a surge of small schools in the UK that aim to educate the whole child with generosity and reverence for the miracle that they are. Many of us have thought deeply about the purpose of […]