Lino Cuts: Caz Greenwood enthuses about printmaking

To rekindle my flame for printmaking when I opened my studio a year and a half ago, I bought some lino – it offered me the chance to print without a press and obtain immediate results. My initial images included a band logo and greetings cards, and then an exciting project for the Nicholson Museum […]

Upcycled Christmas: Jessica Mason shows crafty ways to reduce waste

As an environmental educator, I have worked with children and rubbish for over 10 years. I started with classroom-based work, but I found that lecturing on what we’re doing wrong and what we should be doing can get boring both for the students and for me. The waste and resource-use situation in our world can […]

Stu McLellan loves the beauty, simplicity and transience of outdoor mandalas

Part of what I do is making pictures – drawings for publication, for gifts – and I facilitate creative projects with schools and community groups. All this work I love, but I sometimes find that the amount of stuff I carry with me and the attendant processing that’s required to make acrylic paints and inks and […]

Colours of Nature: Catherine Greenwood shares the excitement of experimenting with plants as dyes

I have been actively making dyes with plants for about three years. I was introduced to it at the Peat Moors Centre in Somerset in a reconstructed roundhouse where a woman was stirring a pot of blackberries over an open fire, re- enacting how cloth was dyed 3,000 years ago. As the year evolves, noticing […]

Saffia Farr reviews Craft Projects for Minecraft and Pixel Art Fans

Like many families, we struggle with the balance of using technology without it taking over our lives. I have two boys, aged 11 and 8, who enjoy playing Minecraft. They also love being creative, so this book was a huge hit with them. There are 15 projects and each is graded with a difficultly level. […]