Eva Fernandes introduces us to Claire Tchaikowski, who has made an advert for breast-milk

Back in May 2015, as part of Bristol Food Connections Festival, I organised an event called ‘Breastmilk – our perfect first food’. This was the first time such an occasion had been part of a city-wide food event, and it gained press attention. So much so, that I was invited to talk to Jenni Murray […]

Embarrassed by Hollie McNish

I thought it was ok I could understand the reasons “There might be young children or a nervous man seeing” this small piece of flesh that they weren’t quite expecting so I whispered and tiptoed with nervous discretion. But after 6 months of her life sat sitting on lids As she sips on her milk […]

Zion Lights discovered that sharing her breast-milk benefited her as much as it did the family she was helping

It was a murky sort of evening; a clouded sky and spitting rain. I’d left my 4-month-old daughter for the first time, with my husband, so that I could travel across the city to meet a new mother called Elaine. Her plea had awakened a strong feeling deep inside me, a need for one mother to […]

Supporting Breastfeeding: from herbalist Fiona Heckels

The first time I struggled with breastfeeding came as a shock to me. Why should something that has been so fundamental to our survival be so difficult in so many cases? Breastfeeding is for some the easiest, most enjoyable and natural thing in the world, but for others it can be a struggle to establish […]

Mark Harris is a midwife of 20 years who now works to support fathers. Saffia Farr talks to him about his unique approach

What called you to midwifery? I trained as a nurse because I was drawn to the physical side of care, but I was being guided away towards management. My mate Dave Smith, already a midwife, said to me: “Midwifery is a verb not a noun, you can’t be a midwife without being with the person […]