Victoria Ward shares five things you may not know about babywearing

Many parents have tried babywearing (carrying a baby, toddler or child in a sling or baby carrier). A sling or carrier is often an essential item for new parents, and more and more expectant couples have discussed babywearing in antenatal classes, are recommended to try a sling by their health visitor or breastfeeding counsellor, and […]

Limited Edition Sleepy Nico carrier for Tribal Hearts Festival

Sleepy Nico have designed a limited edition carrier especially for Tribal Hearts Festival, a brand new family festival focusing on natural parenting and lifestyle. The festival aims to combine many elements of natural living with family life to help parents raise a healthy, happy tribe, and we think you will agree that babywearing can play […]

Carry Me – Rosie Knowles introduces the wonderful world of slings and carriers

The choice you have made to carry your child close to your body is a very important one. It is vital in the process of creating loving and secure attachments (via oxytocin release) that form a positive foundation for future emotional health. Carrying also plays a major role in physiological regulation and physical development, encouraging […]

Sling Myths

Rosie Knowles discusses common worries and myths surrounding babywearing The first humans carried babies in slings so that they could travel easily in their nomadic lifestyle. This is believed to have contributed to the increasing size of the human brain.1 Many cultures around the world still carry their children as part of their daily routine. […]

Babywearing, Tattoos and Fundraising

Ali Yee talks about her inspiration for putting together a charity sling to raise money for the rebuilding efforts after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan I am a member of Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon, a modern day tribe which celebrates the renaissance of traditional Filipino tribal tattoos. I am half Filipino, and my father’s […]