Caroline Cole shares the healing she found from forest schools

inhale the smell of pine trees and damp earth deeply as I walk through the woods with my classmates, my heart beating wildly in anticipation as I hear the soft rustling of the leaves in the trees whilst the birds sing above. I grip hold of the rope tightly in my hands as I surrender […]

Alice Griffin shares how she finds time to just ‘be’

Perched on the seat at the back of my 60ft narrowboat I hold the brass tiller with my gloved hand and push it gently from side to side as I navigate my way along a quiet stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. I am in the Calder Valley, the sky is a crisp ice blue, […]

A Creative Approach to Story Making – Jo Baxter reviews STORY

I have a nine-year-old girl who from a very early age has loved stories, books and writing. I also have a 5-year-old boy who loves the outdoors and as we approach the halfway point of reception year at school, he has leant a significant amount of letter sounds that he’s starting to read and so stories […]

Stu McLellan loves the beauty, simplicity and transience of outdoor mandalas

Part of what I do is making pictures – drawings for publication, for gifts – and I facilitate creative projects with schools and community groups. All this work I love, but I sometimes find that the amount of stuff I carry with me and the attendant processing that’s required to make acrylic paints and inks and […]

Saffia Farr reviews i-Spy Books

During the Summer holidays, many of us visit friends and family or go on holiday, or just have more time to potter around at home. This is therefore a great time of year to try out the new-look i-spy books. In our family, adults and children have been enjoying the excitement of spotting things and […]