Holly Mash outlines her approach to helping children and dogs get along

I’ve had a new perspective on dogs since having my son, now an energetic 2½-year-old. With a small person at dog height, I am concerned about owners keeping their dogs under control. I’m also conscious of the importance of teaching my son how to get along safely with dogs. In the UK nearly 2,000 children […]

Let’s shift the focus of what we talk about when planning for birth, suggests Milli Hill 

Have you ever run a marathon? If so, when you declared to your friends that you were going to undertake this feat of human endurance, you were probably met with nothing but positivity and encouragement. “You can do it!” “We’ll be cheering for you!” and “We think you’re incredible!” might be just a few of […]

Boys and dolls: Laura Whalen explains why it was important for her to find the right dolls for her sons

I made my first Waldorf doll four years ago. Christmas was approaching and I wanted to give my son a doll. However, finding a suitable one turned out to be difficult, with the mainstream market offering either baby dolls or action figures. The baby dolls, made of plastic (and some of them frighteningly ugly), are […]

Caroline Cole shares the healing she found from forest schools

inhale the smell of pine trees and damp earth deeply as I walk through the woods with my classmates, my heart beating wildly in anticipation as I hear the soft rustling of the leaves in the trees whilst the birds sing above. I grip hold of the rope tightly in my hands as I surrender […]

Alice Griffin shares how she finds time to just ‘be’

Perched on the seat at the back of my 60ft narrowboat I hold the brass tiller with my gloved hand and push it gently from side to side as I navigate my way along a quiet stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. I am in the Calder Valley, the sky is a crisp ice blue, […]