Sling Myths

Rosie Knowles discusses common worries and myths surrounding babywearing The first humans carried babies in slings so that they could travel easily in their nomadic lifestyle. This is believed to have contributed to the increasing size of the human brain.1 Many cultures around the world still carry their children as part of their daily routine. […]

A dad’s dilemma

Robin Van Creveld shares what early fatherhood felt like for him. When my first child, Anoushka, was born, everything changed! This beautiful little being brought an unparalleled bounty of gifts and joy. The wonders and meaning of life were graphically exposed, and love flowed deep and strong. Our four-week “baby-moon” was joyful and exciting. Mama […]

Reflections on The Continuum Concept

Two mums describe what close parenting means to them Stone Age parenting – Caroline Cole explains why she parents like our ancestors Our babies are born with the same desires as a baby born in Stone Age times. It is our environment and culture that have so radically changed, affecting how we parent our children […]

Sacred birth

Ina May Gaskin talks to Lucy Pearce about fighting for home birth and the sacredness of natural birth Ina May Gaskin has empowered hundreds of thousands of women around the world to give birth naturally. She has done this through her best-selling books Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, and, for a very […]

A beautiful book out today – Window-box Allotment by Penelope Bennett is republished by Francis Lincoln

Window-box Allotment is a very appealing hardback book, beautifully illustrated providing month-by-month inspiration on tending a small garden. There are excellent detailed and encouraging instructions for beginners, practical ideas on using recycled household items for equipment, and intimately observed and descriptive diary entries. Penelope’s individual and entertaining voice creates a very personal and readable gardening […]