Juno Half Page Ad2What is ByPlace™

ByPlace™ from Exact Editions makes JUNO Magazine available to read for free on your iPhone and iPad at selected locations. Using the location of your phone, the app allows full access to the current edition as well as the whole archive.

How it works

  • Grab your iPhone or iPad
  • Install the JUNO app from iTunes
  • Sample the app and when you reach protected content, you will be given the option to gain access ByPlace™
  • Take that option. Flip the button.
  • You will now have complete free access to JUNO. You can use it as much as you like, within the location

Points to note

  • You have access to the current issue and the whole archive
  • If you walk away from the location you will lose free access
  • If you have enjoyed your free trial, the app is on your device and a subscription can be easily purchased at iTunes or from within the app.

Current Locations where you can get FREE access

Bristol Health Hub

Born Bristol

The Watershed, Bristol, Breastmilk Event

VegFest Bristol