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Love Bombing: Oliver James explains what it is and how it works

Perhaps your child is a bit troubled in just one respect, like a little shy or sometimes over-demanding. Maybe she has much more numerous and serious problems, like severe temper tantrums at the age of 10, or being paralysed by groundless fears. Either way, Love Bombing can help. The child’s problem is almost never the […]

Motherly Love Knows No Boundaries

Jan Bastard, founder of Motherlylove, describes how her time working in Africa inspired her After qualifying as a midwife in 1969 – I was already a registered nurse – I applied for a nursing sister job for the Anglo American copper mining company in Zambia. The hospital they sent me to was on the Zambia/Congo […]

Stu McLellan loves the beauty, simplicity and transience of outdoor mandalas

Part of what I do is making pictures – drawings for publication, for gifts – and I facilitate creative projects with schools and community groups. All this work I love, but I sometimes find that the amount of stuff I carry with me and the attendant processing that’s required to make acrylic paints and inks and […]

Wild camping: Neville Cregan explains why he loves camping off-site with his family

Wild camping offers a great opportunity for memorable DIY family adventuring. In our much-regulated world it can feel, well, a little bit wild. A successful family wild camp requires some planning and forethought concerning location and practicalities, but it carries the rewards of a lot of fun, confidence building for adults and children, and perhaps […]

Dancing with our Hands – Anna Harriott shares what she loves about going to Larmer Tree Festival with her family

I used to commute to work on a train, sandwiched between people heading for Heathrow airport. They were relaxed and excited at the beginning of their break. I was uptight and exhausted. The journey home was even more bizarre: it was a clash between run-down commuters and groups of friends who had just returned from […]