Winter Gift Reviews by Saffia Farr and Jess Hazel

Heaven Scent Organic Candle This range of candles from Heaven Scent is made from plant wax, not paraffin. The wicks are of cotton, any glass used is from a recycled source, and the fragrances are from essential oils. We liked the subtle perfume that these gave the candle. We reviewed the Limeleaf and Ginger candle, and it had exotic undertones without being overpowering. It is a lovely green colour, which seems to glow when lit. Approximately 50 burning … [More...]

Feel the Force in Po-Zu sneakers; Saffia Farr reviews

For Star Wars fans, excitement is building with The Last Jedi being released on Thursday 14 December 2017 and the world premier having taken place on Saturday. If you love Star Wars, why not treat yourself to a branded pair of shoes, the bonus being that they are made by ethical shoe company Po-Zu? I have been fascinated by the Po-Zu Star Wars connection since I spotted that Rey appeared to be wearing Po-Zu boots in The Force Awakens. Shortly afterwards a tie-in was announced and since … [More...]

December celebrations: Mel Tibbs on reconnecting with the joy and magic of the festive season

Sometimes rediscovering the true roots of a festival can help remind us why we are celebrating, readjust our priorities and reconnect with the natural forces evident at a particular time of year. Christmas has been so seized upon as the primary festival we all celebrate in such a homogenous, material way that much of the magic of the season is lost. Rather than resenting the commercial influences which put boxes of Christmas biscuits on supermarkets shelves the day the school supplies come down … [More...]

Resurgence builds for the Future

Resurgence magazine (now called Resurgence & Ecologist) – the spiritual flagship of the green movement - has launched an innovative ‘Building for the Future Crowdfunder’ campaign to secure a permanent new home, and to create a ‘Centre for the Future’ - a vital resource for education, the environment and the arts, with a global impact. A campaign goal has been set of raising £100,000 to cover the costs by 10pm on Wednesday 21 December. Many leading thinkers and change-makers who … [More...]

JUNO Digital Editions

It’s really exciting to hear that people around the world would like to read JUNO. We can post the magazine to anywhere in the world, but, postage is expensive and so we are keen to share the news that it is possible to subscribe to JUNO digitally and that it’s a really cost-effective way to enjoy the magazine. There are three ways to do this: 1. Through Exact Editions 2. Through the App … [More...]

OUT NOW! The Winter issue of JUNO – find out what’s inside

In the Winter issue of JUNO, Richard Brinton talks about how mid-winter and Christmas can be an enchanting time for nurturing wonder in our children; Debbie Chalmers explains why role play and pretending is so beneficial; and Sarah Ockwell-Smith suggests that we shouldn’t be afraid to train our children. Kate Haines shares her family’s summer adventure and gives advice on how to plan a slow trip; Sarah Egerton and Kate Pigeon-Owen describe the benefits of baby massage; and we find out how … [More...]

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