Win a copy of Moon Times by Lucy H Pearce, CreateSpace

This is an inspirational book, encouraging us to embrace our cycles and the changes that occur within us.

I have always been aware of my cycle, but through this book have begun to see it in the bigger context of me, who I am and how it affects me in the passing time of each month and year. I love how the book is a mix of the practical and spiritual elements of menstruation (not that Lucy likes that word!). Lucy explains each of the biological phases of our cycles, but also how these correspond to four main female archetypes. She describes how we can map our cycles; nurture our bodies and selves according to each phase and honour our moon time with rituals and creative projects.

She challenges us to name our “parts”, believing that this is the first stage of acceptance. Most of all, she reassures us that being a woman is positive, that we do not have to see our monthly blood as a “curse” but celebrate it as a part of who we are, and that by working with our cycles we can ensure we get the most from the rise and fall of each hormonal phase. This is an empowering book for any woman. SF

Know where you are on your journey and all will be well.

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Competition closes 30th June 2012, JUNO competition rules apply.