You are when you eat

There may be several reasons why young children have tantrums. The crayon is the wrong shade of red, the story ended too soon, the sock won’t go on. But one of the most important, yet probably most often ignored, reasons is low blood sugar – the child needs to be fed, and NOW. He or she eats […]

Debi Gliori shares how running helps her cope with depression

I hate running. Can I just get that out of the way? Lest you think I’m some kind of athlete or fitness addict, I’d like to debunk that myth. Yes, I do haul myself out of bed three mornings a week at 5.30 and go running on a treadmill at a nearby gym, but trust me, […]

Holly Mash outlines her approach to helping children and dogs get along

I’ve had a new perspective on dogs since having my son, now an energetic 2½-year-old. With a small person at dog height, I am concerned about owners keeping their dogs under control. I’m also conscious of the importance of teaching my son how to get along safely with dogs. In the UK nearly 2,000 children […]

Five things I learned editing Issue 51

I always enjoy the different things I learn through editing JUNO. Each issue brings connection with so many talented and generous people and exposure to new books and ideas. Here I’d like to share with you what I learned from preparing the latest issue, published 1 October. 1. Families involved with fostering and adoption are […]

OUT NOW! The Autumn issue of JUNO – find out what’s inside

In the Autumn issue of JUNO, Steve Biddulph explains why girls need feminism and how we should not see it as a negative thing; Nikole Verde describes how unschooling history works in their family and Riga Forbes talks about mindfulness in childbirth. We learn about hypnobirthing from Christine Huntingford who shares how it helped her […]