Life Changing: Claire shares her story of how discovering menstrual cups has had a positive impact on her life

I carry haemophilia and this affects my menstrual bleeding. Discovering menstrual cups has made my bleeding time much less uncomfortable and inconvenient. Haemophilia is carried by women and has a 50% chance of being passed on to males (from mother to son). I have one son who is a haemophiliac. Haemophilia affects the ability of […]

Holistic Healthcare for Everyone – Dr Preeti Agrawal in London

Friday 11 November 2016, 9am – 5:30pm at effraspace, London “We are not a bag of organs. Western medicine is used to make us believe our health is only a piece of paper with our blood test results or the picture of our organs on a scan screen. It’s approach is very fragmented and incomplete- […]

Family nutrition: What foods can help nurture a girl’s body when she starts her periods?

Starting your periods is a momentous time of your life. Some girls shriek with joy, others shriek with despair. Whether you want to celebrate with a girly party or spend a day reflecting in the privacy or your own thoughts, do whatever you need to make periods become a welcome and respected part of your […]

Emma Hiwaizi and Claire Evans share their experiences of nursing their children through measles

Measles in your teens Claire Evans asks whether vaccination is changing the timing of this disease I find the people strangely fantasied; Possess’d with rumours, full of idle dreams, Not knowing what they fear, but full of fear. – ‘King John’ by William Shakespeare Over supper last summer, Emma gave me the account of her experience […]

Allergy Awareness Week – HayMax natural hayfever remedy review

Allergy Awareness Week 2015 runs from 20-26 April and aims to draw attention to the plight of the allergy sufferer. These awareness weeks highlight the issues faced by those with allergies, and are designed to get people talking about allergy at key times throughout the year. Allergy UK will be sharing information on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week, as well as launching […]