You are when you eat

There may be several reasons why young children have tantrums. The crayon is the wrong shade of red, the story ended too soon, the sock won’t go on. But one of the most important, yet probably most often ignored, reasons is low blood sugar – the child needs to be fed, and NOW. He or she eats […]

Family nutrition: What foods can help nurture a girl’s body when she starts her periods?

Starting your periods is a momentous time of your life. Some girls shriek with joy, others shriek with despair. Whether you want to celebrate with a girly party or spend a day reflecting in the privacy or your own thoughts, do whatever you need to make periods become a welcome and respected part of your […]

Hannah Newman explains how and why she stopped shopping at supermarkets

As a new mum, I increasingly found weekly shops in big supermarkets a stressful sensory overload. My husband and I were also becoming more aware about the importance of where and how our food is produced, and I was struggling to determine how ethical our basket choices were and whether the producers were being paid […]

UK Seed Festival – October 2014

National Festival Celebrates the Seeds that Feed Us Our entire lives depend on seed. Almost all of the food we eat starts out as a seed. Despite the central role seed plays in our daily existence, we seldom recognise its importance and that it is coming under increasing threat both here in the UK and […]

Weston Super Food Festival – 27 and 28 September 2014

This is a two day festival celebrating fantastic real food from local West Country producers and exciting artisan products from around the UK.The festival includes hands-on activities and tasting sessions for all ages, live entertainment and over 100 stalls. Bustling indoor and outdoor markets located a few metres from the seafront in the Winter Gardens […]