Balance Bike Blog – Post 6

We were blessed with warm, sunny weather this weekend so the bikes were dragged out of the shed. J was keen to ride her bike around the garden. There is now no hesitation, she is off! I watched her whizz along, her feet flying lightly from the ground. Sometimes she held her legs up to […]

Balance bike blog – post 5

J is now riding this bike with confidence and at a proper biking speed. We’ve not gone far this week, but when I’ve been hanging out the washing she’s taken the opportunity to ride up and down the path next to the washing line. She’s been keen that I watch her, proud to show me […]

Balance Bike Blog – Part 4

Went out for a bike ride with the three children in the bitter wind and fading winter sun. The boys raced off, chivvying J to hurry up. Despite not having biked for two weeks, there was no hesitation from J to get back on the balance bike. We went out in the lane and she […]

Balance Bike Blog – part 3

This is a beautiful little bike. It is sturdy, but very light and made to a very high standard. It has one handbrake and a soft seat. So far our daughter’s only complaint is that it doesn’t have a bell! J is dinky, so the saddle and handlebars are at the lowest setting – both […]

Balance bike blog – part 2

J was very keen to try out the balance bike – so were her brothers, who had to be shooed away! She was very cautious at first, barely moving on the bike and insisting I stand right next to her. I reassured her that she could have her feet down flat at all times but […]