Henni Tremlett talks with stepdads and their teenage boys in search of wisdom

The night before my wedding I nearly bottled it. We had been a couple for eight years and, after keeping my three older children under our joined wings for most of the time, we also now had a 3-year-old son. Still, things had been so bitter and unpleasant between my partner and the young men […]

Family nutrition: What foods can help nurture a girl’s body when she starts her periods?

Starting your periods is a momentous time of your life. Some girls shriek with joy, others shriek with despair. Whether you want to celebrate with a girly party or spend a day reflecting in the privacy or your own thoughts, do whatever you need to make periods become a welcome and respected part of your […]

My teen: Talking about porn

  I was very happy to come across an organisation called Fight the New Drug. It has a cool and hip following of young adults, all advocating an important message. What is this new drug they are all fighting against? Porn! What are they fighting for? Love! Look up the Fight the New Drug Facebook […]

Mary James suggests six steps to nurturing our teens to be independent, resourceful learners

When my youngest teen was sitting her GCSEs, I overheard another mother say one morning, “We’ve got English Paper 1 today.” It was her use of the first person plural rather than third person singular that shook me. Whilst we all look to inspire and guide our youngsters through their most nerve-wracking academic time to […]

Wildwise – Paula Cleary explains how her family benefited from the Wild Ones Camp

As a home-educating mum with a young baby, my days are very full. Most of the time they are happy-full, but occasionally, like any mother, I feel a sense of burnout, a feeling of needing a break. Having the children around me all the time can feel exhausting when I haven’t had a break from […]