Introducing the Babycup – would your child like using these?

Have you heard of Babycups? They are gorgeous little beakers designed for use for children up to 3 years. Each cup holds 50ml with a slim drinking edge and small circumference, perfect for little hands.

Gill Rapley, author of Baby Led Weaning, supports these cups as they help encourage independence and co-ordination. They are also good for dental health as baby learns to sip rather than suck a drink through their teeth.

We gave some babycups to a group of testers and received the following feedback:

“Great size for my little one to handle”

“Measuring lines are great to tell how much they are drinking from the cups, we started with 5ml of water and gradually worked to 10ml max.”

“Love the colours!”

“Encourages gross motor skills and independence for each child”

“They loved the new experience, they were physically exploring them, lifting with either one or both hands to put to mouth.”

“Worked really well with my 15 month old to help transition to a beaker.”

You might also be interested to know that Babycups can be used for newborns as a cup-feeding option for milk; are easy to clean and BPA free and are made in England.

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